“Passage” (Potassium Channel Selectivity Filter”

“Passage” (Potassium Channel Selectivity Filter”

I would like it if a scientist comes to work, sees the sun shining through one of these pieces, and feels inspired and valued, if a non-scientist appreciates them for their artistic qualities, becomes curious and wants to know more, and if young people look at these and start asking questions – especially questions that we never thought of and to which we don’t know the answers.

Upcoming Exhibit: “The Cellular Universe Through Stained Glass”

Harvard Medical School, NRB/New Research Building, 77 Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA

Opening Reception and Talk, July 24, 4-6 pm, 2019. Exhibit will be up July 3 through September 9.


  • "Tolerance" (Major Histocompatibility Complex II with MBP peptide)

  • "Inhibition" (HIV Protease with Indinavir)

  • "Motion" (Flagellar Axoneme showing "9 + 2" structure)

  • "Passage" (Potassium Channel Selectivity Filter)

  • "Recognition" (Major Histocompatibility Complex I with HTLV viral peptide)

  • "Migration" (Leukocyte Extravasation)

  • "Degradation" (26 S Proteasome)

  • "Loss" (Beta-Amyloid Fibril (Osaka Mutation))

  • "Vibration" (Organ of Corti)

  • "Exchange" (Chiasmata)

  • "Excitation" (Green Fluorescent Protein with Aequorea victoria)

  • "Contract" (Sarcomere)

  • "Replication" (Anaphase, Mitosis)

  • "CRISPR Cas9" (Cas9 Enzyme)

  • "Inflammation" (NLRP3 Inflammasome Series)