Artists often speak about, “What questions does my art ask?” For me, even though each work has its own story, they all ask the same fundamental question, “How does life work?”

Joel Kowit

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology, Emmanuel College, Boston, Joel Kowit is also Founder and Director of Immunology Workshops, and for three decades has trained research scientists in immunology at more than 40 pharmaceutical companies ( using several hundred scientific immunology illustrations which he has created. He has also been painting for 20 years and has had solo exhibitions at Cary Library, Lexington, MA; Emmanuel College, Gallery 5; The Massachusetts State House; and Lincoln Library, Lincoln, MA.  Following a dozen years of sporadic glassblowing, Joel took up stained glass, and has applied his knowledge of science and his experience as an artist to a novel endeavor: Bio Stained Glass (, a synthesis of his experiences with graphic design, science, and art.

Joel likes to garden and to hike.  He was an avid horseman and rode frequently.  For 20 years, he spent a week or two each summer as a cowboy, helping friends move cattle on an 80,000-acre ranch in northern Wyoming.  He is now publishing stories of his cowboying experiences in the newspaper, Wyoming Livestock Roundup (WyLR.)  Joel is married to his graduate-school sweetheart and has two wonderful children.


B.A., Physics, Columbia University, 1964
Ph.D., Biology, Brandeis University, 1972
Postdoctoral Fellow (Lab, Dr. Alfred L. Goldberg), Harvard Medical School, 1972-1975
Professor of Biology, Emmanuel College, Boston, 1975-2016
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology, Emmanuel College, 2016-
Founder and Director, Immunology Workshops, 1981-present (

  • Presented [3 day] Immunology Courses to ~10,000 Research Scientists at Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Prepared and regularly updated book of (~400) scientific illustrations for Immunology Workshops  

Clients / Immunology Workshops

Hoffman-La Roche
J & J
Merck Vaccine Development
Ortho Biotech
and others